About Virtual World Travels

About Virtual World Travel

Welcome to Virtual World Travels!

Sherman Rivers

Hi, my name is Sherman and I am the creator of the Virtual World Travels website and blog.

Hopefully, you will notice as you move through this site that it has been a labor of love. The Virtual World Travels website, blog, facebook page, and YouTube channel are all being designed to work in conjunction with one another. The intended result is to provide a platform for those who are curious about “what’s out there” or are planning to venture out to approach it in a more informed way. There is plenty of information regarding travel out there, I just wanted to bring it together and organize it in a different way. I hope to continue to create and build up this site for many years to come. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you why I created this site and what it was meant to be.

Why I Created Virtual World Travels

Have you ever caught yourself wondering what it would be like to visit a certain place? That happens to me often as I’m a naturally curious person. Another thing that often occurs is that we often feel as if we can’t actually go there, at least not right now. Why is that? Why do we often feel as if a particular destination is outside of our reach? I cam to the conclusion that it’s usually because of one, two, or all of three reasons; we don’t have the time, we don’t have the money, or we have some type of fear.

No Time

ClockTo put it plainly, time is finite. We all only have so much of it.

Likewise, we all have 24 hours in a day. How many days each of us will get is another question altogether.

We should use them wisely.

If you think that we have no time to travel, you’re probably right.

I’m reminded of a quote by Henry Ford,

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

~ Henry Ford

But, what is most important about having no time is “why”. None of us can control time. The term “Time Management” is a misnomer. We can’t manage time. On the other hand, there is some good news. We can, however, manage ourselves! It’s not about trying to manage time, Managing ourselves consists of clearly differentiating between what is urgent or important to you and what is not. True enough, the other things don’t go away. But doing this will allow us to put most of our time into the important things. Ultimately, this will lead us to our highest goals and contribute to our having the things that we value.

No Money

Pile of Cash

I hear this all the time!

Sometimes, it can seem like you have to be wealthy to travel the world in style. Based on what I’ve seen, I’m convinced that this just isn’t true.

Often, it’s not about how much money we have but rather how we manage what we have. Money management can be thought of the process of how you budget, save, invest, and spend your money. It’s not always obvious how much this can affect a travelers’ dream but all apply.

A traveler has to budget before and during the trip. Most, have to save up for it (or put it on a credit card which is another story). They must also invest in the proper and clothing and gear for their potential destination and while enroute.  Lastly, they have to be cognizant of how they spend their money.

Each area has to be addressed. Once we address them, we might discover that we CAN travel, and we DO have the money. If not now, we’ll see how we can get it.


Skull and CrossbonesThis is a big one! Partially, because it can be so complex.

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous. We fear those things that are likely to cause pain, or that we see as a threat.

What dangers do you see as a result of traveling. You might perceive the danger as something that you may confront on the journey. Or, you may see the danger in something that you might leave behind or give up by going.

What unpleasant emotions, if any, do you experience when you think about traveling? What limiting beliefs do you hold about leaving home and visiting places that you’ve thought about going? What are the threats?

Now, ask yourself if any of these things are real.

Of course, many of the things that you come up with will, in fact, be real. And, you would be wise to account for them. In contrast, many of them will not be real. We have to separate the real from the fake so that we can deal with the real and disregard the rest!

What Virtual World Travels Was Meant To Be

We all deal with life’s challenges and possibilities in our own ways. Each of us has our own path toward manifesting our hopes and dreams. In any case, the key to manifestation lies in clarity of thought, understanding, keeping a goal top of mind. I wanted to become clear on my traveling goals. Gaining a better understanding about ways to travel and possible destinations was important to me. And, possibly most importantly, I wanted to create a way to keep the thoughts top of mind… accountability. Virtual World travels was created to address all of these things for me. My hope is that it can do the same, at least in part, for others!

Gaining Clarity

An eyeballIn order for a goal or dream to have clarity, it must be coherent.

I’m creating this environment to assist me in maintaining just that. My hope is that it will become a place to help others gain clarity as well. Are your hopes and dreams crystal clear in your mind? Have you laid out a clear path toward obtaining them?

I believe that one of the most important aspects in this area is knowing what you want. It’s just like using a map, difficult to go where you want if you haven’t identified the destination! 

In addition, I expect this project to help me make my dreams intelligible for others. The better I can explain them to you the more clear they become to me.

Gaining Understanding

The BrainThis place is meant to be a place to gain a better understanding.

I’ll use it to strengthen my comprehension of my goals and hopefully yours too. It will be where I can leverage the power of abstract thought and hone my intellect.

It’ ll be a place to help improve both your and my perception or judgment of a places, things, and situations.

It will help us to be sympathetic and aware of different cultures around the world. That will naturally increase our tolerance.

Through understanding, I will create an informal agreement with my readers.


Two Hands ShakingJust what is accountability, actually?

For some, the definition has everything to do with the fact or condition of being accountable. For others, including myself, the idea of responsibility is imperative.

For me, creating this website is a way of boosting my accountability.

I know that I am responsible for manifesting my dreams. Thusly, I know that if I fail to realize those dreams, it is my fault. And I don’t want the feeling that would come along with that.

Being accountable to updating and building this website will help me remain accountable to my dreams.

To create a successful site, travel has to be top of mind for me. It stands to reason that, if that is the case, achieving my travel goals will be as well. 

Let's Summarize!

If you hung in there with me until this point, I’m positive we can connect through this site.

You have an insight and an understanding as to why I created this site. Like me, You probably have a desire to free time, make and manage your money, as well as manage your fears. What this website is meant to be will make perfect sense to you.

You’ll find Virtual World Travels an excellent place to gain clarity, gain understanding, and increase your accountability.

I hope you’ll visit often and offer your comments as well. If you like what I share, pay it forward and share it with others.

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