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Sherman Rivers

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Sherman Rivers

Sherman Rivers

My name is Sherman Rivers and I created this website as a means to discover more about the world around me. Another motivating factor was to discover more about myself in the process. I've always had a curious mind. I was the kid who was always saying "what if" or "imagine" and that wasn't always a good thing, lol.

The point is that I was always finding myself imagining things. I didn’t only imagine those things as if they were pure fantasy. I simultaneously found myself imagining how they could become real. Today, I find myself circling back to those childhood wonderings. The difference is this, I now know that the things that I think about can become real. And, now I am determined to experience them.

So what are the things that I think about? I find myself curious about many different places around the world. I find myself seeking out more knowledge and awareness. Traveling is something that has become more and more important to me over time. I think about freedom, true freedom. That means eliminating (drastically) the restrictions in my life both in terms of time and finance.

Things That I Enjoy


The thought of seeing new and interesting places appeals to me. I’m fascinated by the variety in this world. In addition, I’m also interested in many of the similarities we see moving from place to place.

Even while driving, I’m always curious about what is around the corner. How often do we move through this world and not even notice the things that are around us?

My aim is to become more aware. This world is a wondrous place! It’s been said that we only live once. I figure, why not make it count?

Graphic Arts & Photography

This where I get to regular put my imagination into practice. I’ve always looked at things and imagined what they could be.

As a child, I drew often but I haven’t done much of that in quite some time. Now, I prefer to capture images that I see with a camera. Spontaneous shots are my favorite.

I also love playing around in Photoshop creating images. Probably the most enjoyable part to me is taking existing images and turning them into something new.


Fishing is a microcosm for life, in my opinion. It’s not as simple as just baiting a hook for me.

Aside from knowing what the fish want to eat, you have to know where they are! I don’t just mean what area they are in either, you have to know how deep down they are. Sometimes, you may be dangling your bait above them and they can’t see it. Other times, you may be too deep and they swim by right above it.

It’s a logic problem, and I enjoy trying to figure it out.

Physical Activity

I believe that we can all benefit from an active lifestyle. Most of the things that we enjoy are enhanced when we are fit.

To stay in shape, I like to ride my bike. It feels good to get in the zone and stay there. Other times, it feels great to take a leisurely approach and let my mind wander.

I also enjoy sports, mostly  basketball. And, I’m usually down for a walk through the woods or some other spot in nature.

Experience and Education


I grew up as an Army brat for the first decade or so of my life. Third born of four, the early years were spent moving from place to place and meeting then leaving new friends. It was an interesting childhood. The silver lining was being exposed to new and different things.

We settled in Florida when my father retired from service.

As I grew, I became a wrestler and played football. I remember having a desire to leave the place we settled in, I felt trapped. I graduated high school in 1991 and immediately set off to see and do something different.


I started working when I was 14 holding down a couple fast food jobs while in school. Three days after graduation I was gone… off to the Army. I stayed in the Army until November of 1998 having served in both the infantry and the air defense branches.

After the Army, I worked as a correctional officer before leaving to work for an Army contractor as an instructor.

From there, I did a variety of things to make ends meet. Ultimately, I ended up with the Postal Service where I stayed for 13 years before resigning my position as a supervisor.

I spend my days now in the financial services arena. In that field, I help folks to leverage financial strategies to create adequate and predictable lifetime income streams.


I graduated from Lakeland High School in Lakeland, Fl in 1991. Many years passed by before I found myself back in the classroom outside of military training. Later, I obtained my Associates and Bachelor degrees in the field of business. I rounded of my secular education with A Masters of Business Administration degree.

Around 2013, I developed an interest in various areas of metaphysics. I was fortunate enough to find a program that taught the subject in a gounded way. This led to my eventually earning a non secular Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Metaphysical Science.

Studying Metaphysics was probably the most valuable education that I have received outside of my military training. It dealt strongly with concepts of the mind such as belief and logical thinking. This has been invaluable to me!

Moving Forward

Moving forward, my goal is to expose myself to more of what the world has to offer. A big part of that, for me, will be through traveling. The question then becomes, “Where would I go?”

I’ll pose the same question to you, where would you go if you could go anywhere?  Also, what would you do when you got there? I ask myself these questions all the time. 

We can only be in one place at a time. While we’re there, it makes sense to maximize the experience by knowing what’s available to you.! That was the genesis of this website. I asked, “Why not leverage technology to learn more about the world”. It’s amazing what we can find using the internet. It’s sort of like a virtual tour once we organize the information.

With Virtual World Travels, I’ll spend some time seeking out and organizing information. I’ll also make that information available to you so that you can experience too!

Eventually, I’ll even share my personal journeys to many of the destinations. It’s only a matter of time!