World-Wide Visa Requirements for American (U.S.) Passport Holders


The table in the post shows the various visa requirements of different countries regarding U.S. Passport holders. The factors vary based on the destination country, the number of days in country, the type of visit (business or tourism), and the type of visas available in that specific country.

Visit Aruba

Flag of Aruba

A Bit About Aruba Aruba is a medium sized island at the southern edge of the Caribbean Sea and ideal place to visit. Currently, it holds a place within the Kingdom of the Netherlands along with the four other countries;… Continue Reading…

The 6 Best Places to Visit in Honduras

Garifuna Women

First of all, where is Honduras? Honduras is unique Central American country in that its economy seems to struggle more than the others. It is one of the poorest countries in the western Hemisphere. This largely due to the political… Continue Reading…

The Top 4 Places to Visit in Nicaragua

Map of Nicaragua

Where are the best places to visit in Nicaragua? I did some homework while trying to answer this very question for myself. My picks for the 4 best places to visit are; Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe, Granada, and Managua! About These… Continue Reading…

Visit Costa Rica

Flag of Costa Rica

The Facts about Costa Rica Official Name: The Republic of Costa Rica Official Language: Spanish Location: Central America Government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic Population: Around 5 Million Covering a land mass of about 20, 000 square miles. Costa Rica lies… Continue Reading…

Visit Panama

Flag of Panama

About Panama Official Name: The Republic of Panama Official Language: Spanish Location: Central America Capital City: Panama City Population: 4 million Interestingly, the first 80 years after gaining independence from Spain, Panama was actually a part of Colombia. That changed in… Continue Reading…

Visit Nicaragua

Flag of Nicaragua

About Nicaragua Official Name: The Republic of Nicaragua Population: Around 6 million Main Language: Spanish Capital: Managua Government Unitary Republic Fun Fact: Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America Geography As it is always important for the traveler to… Continue Reading…

Visit Honduras

Flag of Honduras

About Honduras Official Name: The Republic of Honduras Location: Central America Population: Over 9 million Economy: Honduras is famous for its rich natural resources. Exports include minerals, coffee, tropical fruit, and sugar cane. The country is also known for its… Continue Reading…

Visit Guatemala

Flag of Guatemala

The Facts About Guatemala Official Name: The Republic of Guatemala Location: Central America Population: Around 17.2 million Government: Representative Democracy Capital: Guatemala City Fun Fact: Guatemala has the highest population of any country in Central America. Guatemalan Geography Guatemala, officially… Continue Reading…

Visit Belize

Flag of Belize

Belize can be a great place to visit if you enjoy adventure. It is filled with beautiful views and there are tons of fun activities. Belize has some of the best snorkeling locations in the world. Quick Facts and Geography… Continue Reading…